I was thirteen years old when I held my first camera. 
It was a 35mm SLR. 
My parents returned from a holiday and brought me this gift. I still remember that day and every sensation I felt the moment I held it. 
It fit. 
Perfectly. ​​​​​​​
It fit me perfectly. 
In that instant I had an epiphany. A truly rare moment that was utter perfection in itself; a revelation. I knew, completely without question and beyond the shadow of a doubt, that I wanted to be a photographer.
And so, my journey began. First as a hobby, followed by a carefully tailored education in the arts, culminating in a university degree in photojournalism.
However, my true education only began when I left university to pursue my career as a photographer. During that time, my profession took me around the world and placed me in a variety of novel-worthy situations. There are too many stories to include here - let’s just say this job has been an adventure so far…..a quarter century of undiluted experiences, and I’ve loved every minute of it.
Which brings us here, to this moment…….now.
I admit that I take my inspiration from the Masters of the Past, yet I’m enthused by the craftsman of today. I find myself standing at the crossroads where analogue and digital intersect.I want to go forward into this brave new world and forge a path where analogue sensibilities work alongside digital innovations.
Above all else, I still want to make photographs - now more than ever.